A chat with Kate Wilson, Marriage Celebrant

I love a beautiful outdoor wedding set-up, and it was by chance that I popped down to the Yacht Club in Yarrawonga to look at our LOVE letters, where I started a conversation with the beautiful, beaming celebrant!!

This blog post is about Kate Wilson, Marriage Celebrant.

Meet Kate Wilson, Marriage Celebrant.

Kate was officiating the wedding and we hit it off right away. We packed so much talking into the 30 minutes I was there.

I love a tingling story about romance, so I am so pleased to be able to tell Kate and Ian’s story……..

Kate’s youngest daughter had just moved away for university and Kate had gone to her partner Ian’s house for dinner. Ian had bought Kate flowers, thinking she might be a little sad about this happening. He sent her into the lounge room to look at what Kate calls ‘the most magnificent bunch of flowers’ (and being a florist herself, she’d know!)

When Kate came back from the lounge to gently scold Ian for spending so much money, he had changed into a crisp white linen shirt (Kate’s favourite look on a man). He was on the ground on “not one knee, but two knees, I had come back into the room too quickly!”

He was holding a beautiful solitaire diamond ring and startled, he asked Kate if she had “seen the window yet?”.  

Kate described the dining room, and the huge feature window from floor to ceiling looking over the garden. Written on the window in bright pink lipstick was “Kate, will you do me the honour of marrying me?” and there was a ‘Yes’ tick box, a ‘No’ and a Maybe.’

Of course, Kate said YES !!

This beautiful engagement meant Kate was in the market for a wedding venue, and she and Ian have booked a beautiful Waterfront Holiday House to accommodate everyone so they can celebrate their special day (and weekend)!

Kate and Ian both wanted to ensure the celebration is also about the joining of their two families, as Kate has 5 grown children and Ian has 2. As Kate explained, “You get to an age where everything in life that might have been important in your twenties does a turnaround”

As a celebrant, Kate has been officiating weddings for nearly three years. She always wanted to be a marriage celebrant but chose to postpone undergoing the training until her 5 kids were old enough and ready for her to join the industry. Having started in October 2016, Kate is looking forward to officiating her 50th wedding in 2019.
‘It is an absolute privilege…a real thrill’ Kate expresses about her profession and the interaction she has with her couples. She is so fortunate to “stay in touch with the people you marry”.

Kate finds joy in each and every wedding ceremony she conducts.

Speaking to Kate, the passion and dedication she has for her couples and her important duties on the day, is so evident. All the weddings she officiates are special, but perhaps not as funny as the occasion she recalls where during the riverbank wedding, a couple picnicking nearby had gone for a ride in their little tinny (tin boat). The guests were happy snapping great photos of the wedding, and ‘when the boat returned I could hear all the guests on the bank laughing and laughing. While getting out of the boat, the woman from this couple had fallen into the water!’ The focus on the wedding had gone, but the show had to go on!

Kate will be at the Yarrawonga Weddings Extravaganza on May 24th and 25th and is excited to be officiating a live vow renewal during the event. To see it for yourself, register your interest here.

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Yours in weddings, Karen Mitchell 

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